Online Verification Steps

TO COMPLETE THE ONLINE VERIFICATION STEPS, YOU NOW NEED YOUR CONTROL NUMBER FROM ONE OF THESE FORMS FROM THE IRS 5071C, 6331C OR 5747C. IF YOU DID NOT RECEIVE A LETTER CONTINUE UNTIL STEP 3B WHERE YOU WILL BE ABLE TO REQUEST TO HAVE ONE MAILED OUT. There is typically no way around this step being that the letter coming to the address you provided is part of the verification process.


  1. Click the link create an id. me account or log in if you have one that is already verified then skip to bullet 3.
  2. Complete the steps until you are verified through ID.ME.
  3. Go back and click the link again press allow and then answer the questions.
  1. Answer yes to the first 2 questions if you are receiving a refund.
    1. AGI (Found on line 1 on your Form 8879 found in your tax documents that we sent to your email)
    2. REFUND AMOUNT (Line 3 on your 8879 form)
    3. You are getting Direct Deposit, so select yes then and enter the LAST 4 OF ACCOUNT NUMBER; the last 4 of the account number is the Last 3 numbers of your SSN followed by a #2 (also found on line 35 of your 1040)
  1. If they say that your answers are wrong call us first before attempting to answer the questions again! You only get 1 try.
  2. If you receive a message saying that “We cannot provide assistance via the verification tool.” GO TO THE OVER-THE-PHONE VERIFICATION STEPS. You can always call us, and we will assist you further.

If completed correctly they will inform you that you have been successfully verified and you will receive your refund in 9 weeks or less. (Screenshot the message for yours and our record then send it to us through text or email.) (682)-323-4555;


If you have any problems do not hesitate to contact us. We are here for YOU!


If you are locked out of your ID.ME account or cannot verify online for any reason the next step is over the phone. To complete verification over the phone you will need the current year’s tax return (found in your email) and a prior year’s tax return or W-2 from that year that you filed. If this is your first-year filing, you will still follow steps 1-3 and they will set you an appointment.

  1. Call the verification number (800)-830-5084.
  1. Press 1 for English (unless you don’t prefer English then press 2)
  2. Then hold until you get a representative. (Best to call before 4 PM)
  1. Once you get a representative, they are going to ask you for your reason for calling. You are going to say you would “like to verify yourself for this year’s tax return”. If they ask the year, you will use the year on your current 1040 form.
  2. Next, they will confirm who you are and that you have the necessary documents. If you are a first-year filer you will be made an appointment for an in-person verification.



  1. Once they confirm your documents, they will ask you questions from this year and a previous year. The questions from the previous year will most likely be about a W-2 or 1099 from that year.
    1. The name of the payer, your total wages and income from that job and the total federal income tax withheld.
    2. Then they will ask you for your mother and fathers’ names along with your birthplace.
  2. They will ask questions from this year’s tax return they will most likely consist of…
    1. How did you prepare your taxes? You filed with B&A Tax and Financial so you would say “a Preparer”.
    2. Your AGI (adjusted gross income) for this year. (Found on line 1 on your Form 8879 in your tax documents)
    3. Total refund amount (Found on line 3 on your 8879 form)
    4. Your total wages, salaries and tips. (Found on line 1 of your 1040 form.)
    5. The total federal income tax withheld (Found on line 3 of your 8879 form)
    6. Are you getting paid through your preparer? You would say yes.
    7. Then they will ask for the whole routing and account number. (Found online 35 of your 1040) Make sure you give the routing and account number that is on your final tax return to avoid any further delay in refund disbursement.

If completed correctly they will inform you that you have been successfully verified and will receive your refund in 9 weeks or less.